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Welcome to a revolutionary and effective approach to creating optimal health and fitness! A Way of Life Fitness Consulting was founded 15 years ago on the basic principle of using conscious exercise, breath, and body awareness to help create a healthier lifestyle.

 Most of us have started and quit a diet or exercise program dozens of times in our lives. In fact, because you are reading this, I assume you are thinking about starting again. We cannot hope to be successful where we have failed for most of our lives without changing our approach to the problem at hand.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

–Albert Einstein

At A Way of Life Fitness Consulting we teach people a different, more effective way to actualize their health and fitness goals. Our goal is to help others empower themselves around their health through education, gentle guidance, support and encouragement. Only through honoring the body, not punishing it, can people create positive, long lasting change.  So, if you are tired of the no pain/no gain approach to living, we can teach you a healthier way to achieve your wellness goals and create long term success!

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